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Dr. Natalia Burgess


Nativis is owned and run by Dr. Natalia Burgess or Natty as she prefers to be known by her clients and friends. Natty is an experienced dental surgeon with two master's degrees, working in private practices for over twenty years and focusing on dental and facial aesthetic treatments. 

After earning a degree and working as a dentist in her native Colombia, Natty relocated to the UK to continue her postgraduate education, concentrating on advanced training in aesthetics.


Having earned her first master’s degree in Research and Administration, Natty narrowed the focus for her second masters on the application of laser technology in dentistry and facial aesthetics.


By combining the broad knowledge range of dental theory, with the practical aspects of laser technology, Natty has established an excellent reputation utilising state of the art laser techniques with botulinum type A, PRGF (plasma rich in growth factors), mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid treatments to achieve dramatic and lasting results in wrinkle reduction.


As a UK licensed dentist registered with the GDC (Dip Odont COL and ORE UK, GDC 192712) and Dental Protection. She is a full member of the ACE Group (Aesthetic Complications Expert Group) and a full member of the BSP (British Society of Periodontology), Natty is committed to delivering the highest quality of care combined with a personalised, stress-free experience for each patient. This commitment is reinforced through continued education, investment in the latest technology and innovation, and sustained development of her skills. 


In addition to providing exceptional care to patients at four unique locations around London, Natty relishes her time working as an instructor at King’s College London, mentoring the next generation of dentists in the best practices in professionalism and patient care.

Why Nativis?

At Nativis, we work with patients who are growing old gracefully and only need that extra little bit to help them feel confident and fabulous on the way. We only use products from well-established aesthetic companies to ensure you get the highest quality and safest products available to deliver natural-looking results every time.

"Many people find it difficult to discuss beauty treatments with their friends. Through my training and my gentle, professional style, I become that secret friend that helps you gracefully embrace your revitalised beauty."

- Dr Natty Burgess

What makes us different?

Dr Natty Burgess has over 10 years of experience in anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, botulinum, facial peels, lip enhancement, and plasma rejuvenation. And as a practising dentist, she is well-practised in taking the proper time to listen to your specific needs and advise you on the best treatment to deliver the desired outcome.


Too often, a clinical experience can make you feel like a number. After a visit with Natty at one of our clinics, we can assure you and make you feel less like another patient and more like a valued friend.


What do our patients say?

'Natty was able to really show me the many ways I could address my ageing eyes. I had no idea that it could be so easy. Before, I went to a place where they just told me prices but didn't take the time to tell me about the procedures. Natty was careful and considerate and gave me hope.'

- L. Blanchard Treatment: For Crows feet

'I LOVE IT!! Honestly, the difference is fab! Thank you so much!'

Anonymous Treatment: Cheek Enhancement


How does it work?


Natty will conduct a full analysis of your face in your first free consultation and understand what look you are trying to achieve. She will then provide a full breakdown of bespoke, tailored treatments and costs to help you achieve the look you desire. There are absolutely no obligations after our free consultation, the information we provide will be valuable, whether you chose to use our service or not.


Ready to book a free consultation?

Give Natty a call on +44 (0)20 8244 6542 or click the button below to arrange your free consultation.

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