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Skin Peels in London

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Nativis Facial Skin Peel Treatment

Obagi is well known throughout the world as a leader in skin health. They have a 30-year legacy in skincare research that has led to a transformative series of products that are designed for every skin tone and type.


The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance skin peel is one of their revolutionary products which exfoliates the uppermost surface layers of your skin and evens out imperfections. Their potent prescription-only ingredients with patented technologies permeate and target all layers of the skin revealing fresh, glowing skin. 


Blue Peel Radiance is scientifically backed and clinically proven to help your skin look smoother and younger. Your skin will feel tighter, smoother and firmer after your first peel but for best results, we recommend a minimum treatment of 3 peels at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks. 

In our first consultation with you, we will conduct a full analysis of your skin type and understand what look you are trying to achieve. We will then be able to prescribe you a tailored skin care treatment program that has been designed for your specific skin's needs and the exact look you are trying to achieve.


All our treatments are administered by a fully qualified healthcare professional.


Our treatments don't require complicated or long procedures.

Fast Results

See results quickly, giving you that much-needed confidence boost.

Long Lasting

Your skin can look younger for many months.


Our Locations

Our Locations

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Skin Peels in Hampton Hill, Richmond

Our main location is based in Hampton Hill, in Richmond. We currently share a location with Me Me Me on Hampton Hill high street. 

Our Locations

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Skin Peels in Dulwich, Lambeth

We are also able to provide our full range of treatments in Dulwich, South London.

Skin Peel FAQs

What is Blue Peel Radiance?

Blue Peel Radiance is a superficial chemical peel from Obagi.


The chemical peel is applied to the face by a skincare professional to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells. The effective results mean your skin will be tighter, smoother and brighter after just one use.

The key active ingredient is Salicylic Acid (20%) but it also contains Glycolic and Lactic acid. These ingredients work effectively to treat a range of skin conditions including acne, melasma and pigmentary issues.

How is Blue Peel Radiance applied?

Before the face peel is applied, you will be placed in the reclining position, your hair will be secured away from your skin and we will cleanse your face to remove any traces of oils and other products such as makeup.

Once your face is completely cleansed we will apply a protective cream to the areas of the skin we do not want to peel to permeate such as the corners of your lips, nose and eyes. 

The Blue Peel Radiance solution will first be applied to a small area of your skin as a test application to ensure there are no unexpected reactions. We will then proceed to apply a larger application to the rest of the skin on your face.

The peel solution will be applied multiple times dependant on the requirements of your unique skin. The peel is then left to take effect for around 8 minutes. 

Once the facial peel has maximised its effect, the peel is then cleansed from your skin and we will then apply protective moisturisers.

Does Blue Peel Radiance hurt and is there any downtime?

While the peel solution is a strong chemical superficial peel, it is formulated to be gentle on your skin, and most patients will only feel a small amount of discomfort as the active ingredients permeate the skin.​

As the peel is applied by a qualified professional, it will never be applied to cause any more discomfort than necessary, and we utilise techniques to ensure patients are distracted from any discomfort they may experience for the duration of the treatment. 

After the peel has been applied, you may experience some mild peeling and redness, but this will be temporary and is part of the journey your skin goes through before revealing fresh, glowing skin.

Results are generally rapid and there is little to no downtime, although you will need to protect your skin from the sun and harsh products for a short period after the treatment. 

What is Blue Peel Radiance used for?

Blue Peel Radiance can be used by anyone to simply brighten healthy skin, exfoliate and stimulate the growth of ​new skin cells. 

The skin peel is also an effective treatment for improving skin imperfections such as signs of pigmentation, fine wrinkles, mild scarring, acne and moderate photodamage.

When will I see results from Blue Peel Radiance?

You will see visible improvements to your skin straight after the first treatment. For best results, however, we recommend a minimum treatment program of 3 peels at 4 to 6 weeks. This is the best option and ensures you have amazing, long-lasting results.

In clinical trials after the 1st peel:


  • 100% of patients reported having tighter, smoother and brighter looking skin.

  • 93% of patients had firmer-looking skin.

After the 2nd peel:

  • 100% of patients had at least 1-grade improvement in tactile roughness.

After the 3rd peel:

  • 100% of patients had minimal or no tactile roughness.

  • 80% of patients had at least 1-grade improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • 67% of patients had at least 1-grade improvement in pigmentation intensity.

How long will it last?

The final result will stay as long as you continue with a skincare regime designed exclusively for you by Nativis.

Will the skin peel work on my skin type?

Blue Peel Radiance can be used on all skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types 1 to 6). In your consultation with us, we will be able to ensure you are provided with the correct treatment for your skin type and the look you are trying to achieve. 

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